Our shower set collection elevates your home with a spa-inspired experience, blending practicality, versatility, and sophisticated style. Our thermostatic showers are crafted to the highest standards, utilising top-grade components for steady temperature management and peak performance. Each shower is backed by a 5 year guarantee. Enhance your bathroom's look with our elegantly designed shower sets, available in exquisite finishes like brushed brass, brushed stainless and matt black. These finishes are designed to complement our classic collections of basin taps and bathroom accessories, ensuring a cohesive and stylish aesthetic.
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      How do thermostatic showers work?

      Thermostatic showers mix hot and cold water to a preset temperature and maintain that temperature even if water pressure or supply varies (e.g., someone flushes a toilet). This is achieved using a thermostatic valve that senses the temperature of the water and adjusts the mix of hot and cold water accordingly to maintain a consistent temperature.

      How long do thermostatic showers last?

      The lifespan of a thermostatic shower can vary depending on the quality of the product, usage, and maintenance. Generally, a good quality thermostatic shower can last between 5 to 10 years. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning filters and checking for limescale build-up, can help extend its lifespan.

      Are thermostatic showers electric?

      Thermostatic showers themselves are not electric. They use a mechanical valve to mix hot and cold water. However, there are electric showers available that can have thermostatic control. These electric showers heat water on demand using an electric heating element and can include a thermostatic valve to regulate the temperature.

      Are thermostatic showers worth it?

      Thermostatic showers are generally considered worth it for several reasons:

      • They provide a stable temperature, reducing the risk of scalding or cold shocks.
      • They ensure a consistent and comfortable shower experience.
      • They allow for precise temperature control, which can be particularly beneficial in households with children or elderly individuals.

      Are thermostatic showers powerful?

      The power of a thermostatic shower depends on the water pressure and the shower system (e.g., gravity-fed, pumped, mains pressure). The thermostatic valve itself does not influence the power of the shower but ensures a stable temperature. If combined with a good water pressure system, a thermostatic shower can indeed provide a powerful showering experience.