Basin Taps

      The perfect addition to any bathroom, our basin taps and wastes come in a range of finishes to suit all styles. Finishing touches can transform a bathroom into a clean, functional room with a look that is totally your own. With a wide range of styles and finishes, the basin taps and wastes we offer can complement the look you want for your bathroom with ease. And, with a complete five year guarantee for your peace of mind, you’re sure to get high quality products that you can trust for your home.
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      Are basin taps difficult to install?

      The difficulty of installing basin taps can vary based on the specific type of tap and your level of plumbing experience. While some basic installations may be relatively straightforward, we recommend hiring a professional for any plumbing work to ensure a proper and secure installation.

      What type of basin taps does Qualis offer?

      Qualis offers a diverse collection of basin taps, including both wall-mounted and deck-mounted designs. Our range features classic and contemporary styles, with options such as taps operated by levers and convenient mixer taps.

      What finishes are available in the basin tap collection?

      Our basin taps come in a variety of immaculate finishes, adding opulence to both modern and traditional interiors. Available finishes include brushed brass, brushed stainless, matt black, gun metal, and champagne gold, allowing you to find the perfect match for your decor.