5 Different Ways To Style Kitchen Taps

Black Kitchen Tap

Image by @within_no2

Kitchen taps are a big part of creating your kitchen design. There are many different styles, from traditional to modern, to reflect the latest trends in kitchen design. Kitchen taps are evolving. The choices of materials, finishes and styles are endless, with something to suit every kitchen. They can be eye-catching, but not in a loud way. They can make interesting shapes that catch the light, or they can look so clean and modern you hardly notice them at all.

In a kitchen, there are five different ways to style your taps that will add a lot of interest to your new worktop or sink. The first is the most obvious one:

Add A Splash Of Colour

This can be as simple as using just white or black taps in your kitchen, but for those who want a bit more colour, try going for chrome or brass finishes that complement the rest of the materials used in the room.

Tap Handles

The next way to style your taps is with a tap handle which comes in many different design styles and colours, perfect for creating an accent point. In addition to this, consider adding some contrasting washers or bar handles around your taps for a bit more interest.

The Single Lever

Kitchen mixer taps are a simple way to create a striking focal point in your kitchen or bathroom. A stylish and smart solution, the single lever kitchen mixer tap is designed to be installed on to all sink types (i.e. single or double bowl). It features a simple long spout that assists with pouring, reducing splash back and dripping.

Pull Out Sprayers

Pull out kitchen taps are one of the most popular styles of taps. They offer ease of use, with a pull-out spray head conveniently located in the spout, meaning both hands can stay free for washing and preparing food. These accessories also have an uninterrupted smooth arc through the handle and spout, making them perfect for entertaining or everyday use.

Modern vs Traditional Taps

You can create a sleek, modern look by choosing a lever-style kitchen tap. Or, to add some old-world charm to your kitchen, choose a traditional style of pull-out sprayer. Each kitchen design trend is available in various styles and price ranges that match any budget and lifestyle. 

What Is The Best Kitchen Tap Material?

The best material for your kitchen taps depends greatly on your personal preference. However, it’s important to consider a kitchen tap that is durable, good quality and easy to clean. Stainless steel or brass will offer you a kitchen tap that is not just hard wearing but also aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

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